Traditional Fado Meetings

In these meetings, we will have the opportunity to hear, in an intimate atmosphere, Fado singers who are not part of the Oporto circuit. As usual at Ideal Clube de Fado, the concerts are exclusively dedicated to Pure Fado.

The meetings are held on the last Sunday of every month from 17:00 to 18:30. Tickets cost 19 euros and include a glass of port.

25 SEP | Tiago Correia

Tiago Correia at Ideal Clube de Fado

Whoever listens to Tiago recognizes an ancient soul in his voice and singing, reminiscent of how the more ancient ones used to sing. He has traced his path through an immense desire to learn from the masters, his references, the whys of fado, and to know and sing its most traditional aspects, allied to a need to build his own poetic and musical path as a lyricist and composer.

Fado singers: Tiago Correia and Carla Cortez

Portuguese guitar: André Mariano

Classical guitar: Francisco Moreira

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30 OCT | Marta Rosa

marta rosa ideal clube de fado

Restless, perfectionist, and daring, Marta Rosa has the presence of a fado singer sure of her identity and the permanent restlessness of an artist who makes herself known through her singing, writing, composition, guitar playing, and everything she learns and shares with those around her.

Fado singers: Marta Rosa and Pedro Ferreira

Portuguese guitar: Rui Beirão

Classical guitar: Ricardo Pons

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