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pure fado

Discover the most authentic tradition of classic Fado in an intimate concert with renowned Porto artists

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portuguese guitar concerts

In these monthly concerts you will hear the Portuguese guitar in its fullness with the main interpreters of the country

Next concert: Hugo Vasco Reis (December 14th)

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hugo reis - portuguese guitar


There are many ways to sing the Fado, but among our artists we cultivate a passion for the origins of this song, which was included in UNESCO’s lists of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2011. At Ideal Clube de Fado, we believe that each concert is a live act of creation, a unique experience that is renewed every day and drinks from the inexhaustible source of this strange way of life that is to be Portuguese. Our doors are open, and all are welcome.

Fado no Porto - Ideal Clube de Fado
Ideal Clube de Fado - Fado Porto - Marco Quaresma
Ideal Clube de Fado - Fado Porto - Luis Travassos
Ideal Clube de Fado - Fado Porto - Fernanda Moreira
Ideal Clube de Fado - Fado Porto - Espaço
Ideal Clube de Fado - Fado Porto - Francisco Moreira
Ideal Clube de Fado - Fado Porto - Carla Cortez
Fado no porto - Ideal Clube de Fado

The art of Traditional Fado

Over the years, Fado has assimilated motifs and tropes from other musical traditions, branching in different genres and styles. Among them, “Fado Tradicional” remains faithful to the roots of this urban song, preserving the indelible mark of the travels of a people and the echoes of every culture they have came across. Defined by improvisation, this Fado is a cry of freedom, a musical invitation to contemplate existence, to sing our joy and sadness in a celebration of life.

Fado concerts in Porto

Every day our musicians and singers put up a heartfelt and original show that digs down into the roots of this land, where you can listen for about 1 hour to two fado singers and two guitarists performing pure fado and instrumental pieces for Portuguese guitar.

Tickets cost €20 (online bookings get a 5% discount) and include a glass of port wine.

Extra session: 23, 24 and 25 August at 21:00


What is “Fado Tradicional”?

If you think Fado Tradicional (traditional Fado) is Fado that was composed many years ago or if you think it’s the kind of Fado that Amalia sang, this article is…

Styles in Fado

Did you know that not everything a fado singer sings is Fado? Do you know the difference between “Fado Tradicional“, “Fado Canção“, “Marcha” e “Folclore“? If your answer is no,…


– I don’t know anything about Fado. Is this show for me?

If you are looking to hear authentic and genuine Fado and enjoy an intense experience, this show is for you.

– Can I get a refund of the tickets in case of any unforeseen circumstances?

Yes. If you cancel up to 24 hours before you will have a full refund. You just need to send us an email or a WhatsApp message.

– Can I eat during the show?

No. We want to provide a music experience without interferences. This way, you’re going to feel more the Fado.

– Do I have to buy drinks during the concert?

No 🙂

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